Whimwood Estate Wines, Chardonnay  96.5

Silkwood Wines, Pinot Noir Walcott 96

Silkwood Wines, Shiraz Walcott 96

Peos Estate, Chardonnay Four Aces 96

Silkwood Wines, Malbec 95.5

Peos Estate, Cabernet Sauvignon 95

Silkwood Wines, Chardonnay 95

Silkwood Wines, Pinot Noir Bower 95

Smithbrook Wine, Chardonnay 95

Peos Estate, Shiraz Four Aces 95

Nannup Estate Winery, Malbec 95

Bellarmine, Pinot Noir 95

Middlesex 31, Shiraz 95

Peos Estate, Shiraz Four Kings 95

Whimwood Estate Wines, Shiraz 95



Smithbrook Wines, Sauvignon Blanc Semillon 94

Pemberley of Pemberton, Shiraz 93

Peos Estate, Chardonnay Four Kings 93

Chateau June-Jerome, Syrah 93

Firetail Wine, Sparkling Chardonnay 93

Silkwood Wines, Cabernet Sauvignon 91

Chateau June-Jerome, Pinot Noir 91

Peos Estate, Shiraz Cabernet 91

Silkwood Wines, Riesling Walcott 91

Peos Estate, Pinot Noir 91

Truffle Hill Wines, Riesling Cane Cut 91

Pemberley of Pemberton, Sauvignon Blanc Semillon 90

Hillbrook, Pinot Noir 90

Pemberley of Pemberton, Pinot Noir 90

Curlew Estate, Shiraz 90

Smithbrook Wines, Merlot 90

Mongrel Creek, Chenin Blanc Chardonnay 90

Bellarmine, Riesling Select 90

Pemberley of Pemberton, Pinot Noir Chardonnay 90

Silkwood Wines, Cabernet Malbec 90

Silkwood Wines, Riesling Bowers 90



Frazer Woods Wine, Pinot Chardonnay Brut 89

Nannup Estate Winery, Cabernet Sauvignon 88

Pemberley of Pemberton, Chardonnay 88

Silkwood Wines, Sauvignon Blanc 88

Latitude 34 Wine Co, Malbec 88

Hillbrook, Merlot 88

Pemberley of Pemberton, Chardonnay 87

Castelli Estate, Chardonnay 87

Castelli Estate, Riesling 87

Firetail Wines, Rose’ 87

Hillbrook, Merlot 87

10 Chains, Shiraz 86

Smithbrook Wines, Chardonnay 86

Smithbrook Wines, Pinot Noir 86

Curlew Estate, Shiraz 86

Bellarmine, Sauvignon Blanc 86

Silkwood Wines, Sparkling Chardonnay Pinot 86

Mongrel Creek, Shiraz 85

Woodgate Wines, Muscat Reserve 85

Woodgate Wines, Sauvignon Blanc Semillon 85

Bellarmine, Chardonnay 85

Westbound, Chardonnay 85

Hillbrook, Semillon Sauvignon Blanc 85

Truffle Hill Wines, Sauvignon Blanc Semillon 85

10 Chains, Rose’ 85

Smithbrook Wines, Merlot Cabernet Sauvignon 85

Silkwood Wines, Shiraz Bowers 85

Silkwood Wines, Chardonnay 85



Best White Wine of Show                               Whimwood Estate, Chardonnay

Best Red Wine of Show                                  Silkwood Wines, Walcott Shiraz

Most Successful Exhibitor Overall                  Silkwood Wines

Wine of the Show                                           Whimwood Estate, Chardonnay



Best Chardonnay                                            Whimwood Estate

Best Sauvignon Blanc Semillon                       Smithbrook Wines

Best Riesling                                                    Silkwood Wines, Walcott Riesling

Best Sweet Wine any Variety                         Truffle Hill Wine, Cane Cut Riesling

Best Sparkling Wine                                       Firetail Wine, Sparkling Chardonnay

Best Pinot Noir                                                Silkwood Wines, Walcott Pinot Noir

Best Merlot                                                     Smithbrook Wines

Best Cabernet Sauvignon                               Peos Estate

Best Shiraz                                                      Silkwood Wines, Walcott Shiraz

Best Other Red Single Variety                        Silkwood Wines, Malbec

Best Dry Red Blend                                         Peos Estate, Shiraz Cabernet

Results 2020

Chief Judge Jane Faulkner, Erin Larkin & Mat Bell (left to right).


Associated Judges

Andrew Dawson

Our Judges

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